St. Peter the Apostle Roman Catholic Church

445 Fifth Avenue

River Edge, New Jersey

(201) 261-3366

Men's Cornerstone Prayer Vigil Volunteers

To sign up for the Prayer Vigil, please check the schedule below for available time slots, then fill in the form to sign up.

Please include your phone number and email address in case we need to contact you for any reason.

Your Name
Your Phone Number
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Saturday Time slot:  


Women are welcome to sign up for the Men's Prayer Vigil


Schedule updated throughout the day.

Last update: 04/08/11 -  10:39 a.m.



It is preferable to choose an open timeslot in the First Volunteer column before considering a 2nd or 3rd volunteer time.

We need at least one person on every shift.  If there are already 3 volunteers in a timeslot, please do not sign up for that time.


6 PM Brenda McInerney    
7 PM Dennis Broderick    
8 PM Maureen Branca Martha Mulligan  
9 PM Eduardo David Marge David  
10 PM Salvatore DiBella    
11 PM John McInerney    
12 MIDNIGHT Jacinto Zuniga    
1 AM Paul McCusker    
2 AM Tom Haggerty    
3 AM F. Mickey Flager    
4 AM Carlo Rebosio Bill Watkins  
5 AM Roy Pressimone Bill Watkins  
6 AM Michael Nasissi    
7 AM Vinny Gagliostro    
8 AM Tom Halligan    
9 AM Mary Jane Walker Errol Rosario  
10 AM Andrew Tummino    
11 AM Lisa Guinta Dorin Rosario  
12 NOON Bill Daly Sally Vitulano  
1 PM Celia Crehan Marissa Cardentey  
2 PM Patty Halsall Joyce Bowen  
3 PM Ingrid Murrieta Bill Decelle Steve Sahagian
4 PM Linda Kavan Lisbelt Torres  
5 PM Elizabeth Oudens    

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