JustFaith Catholic (Course)

What is Just Faith?
The JustFaith course is a 24 week program that explores the challenges of following Jesus today and the spiritual gifts of the Catholic social teaching tradition. In the context of a small faith community participants are exposed to the realities of living in poverty; engaged in understanding and applying the Church’s teaching of “the option for the poor”; explore creative choices where living simply, nonviolently, and in solidarity with others can be seen as a viable way of life; challenged to make a compassionate commitment to those living in poverty around the world.

The course is divided in to four six-week sessions that include retreats, hands-on experiences, prayer, and respectful dialogue. There is time in between each segment to process the experience more deeply and to grow in spirituality.

What is the time commitment?
Two -hour sessions are held weekly – six sessions at a time in four separate segments. There are opening and closing retreats, and occasional Saturday off-site experiences. The course normally begins in the fall of the year.

How can I help?
We welcome anyone interested in learning more about the social teachings of the Church and looking to respond to some of the most pressing social issues of our time.


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